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It's time for a new prioritization system for our lives.

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A Brand New Take on Prioritization


Multiple prioritizers to choose from

Not all tasks and activities should be prioritized the same way. Plus, it is easy to confuse the urgency and the actual priority of a task. Firstly currently offers 5 different prioritizers that will keep the confusion away and allow you to keep your focus on what actually matters.


Check your Priority Report & focusScore

Get a clear awareness of the type of tasks you have completed on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Generated from the priority of each task completed, you get assigned a focusScore.

Plan Ahead with Confidence


Keep your day uncluttered and focused

With a Today’s tab, Firstly provides an uncluttered space where the tasks for the day are already grouped following their priority or time of the day.


Projects & Lists

Projects holds tasks while lists holds items. Lists are simple checklist and their items do not have the features that tasks have. Switch any List into a Project and vice versa. Keep everything organized.


Next 7 days & Calendar

Two different tabs to help you plan the very next week, and the future in advance. These tabs have been designed to easily schedule or unschedule future tasks.

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A brand new way of effectively scheduling the tasks from your Projects that need scheduling. This feature makes it easy to follow through on your Projects.

Get it done in style and ease



Keep the details where they belong and focus on the task itself. Add as many subtasks to any task without crowding your list.


Enhanced Note

Type a rich note within any task. Add details such as links, addresses, and phone numbers and have them ready when needed thanks to an embedded detail extractor.


Dark Mode & Themes

Firstly comes with a gorgeous Dark Mode to reduce eye strain when needed. It also offers curated themes in the form of color palettes for your Projects–hence, your tasks.


Repeating tasks

Make any task a repeating one by setting its recurrence frequency. Firstly’s repeating tasks track the number of times they were completed. They also save you time by rescheduling themselves.


Multiple reminders

Offering an automatic reminder feature and many preset reminders to choose from to keep your important tasks top of mind.

Focus and simplicity – once you get there, you can move mountains.


Firstly is the ultimate personal tool that will guide you toward what should get done. Stop being reactive by doing everything on your schedule, and start being proactive by doing what truly matters to you.