What’s New in Firstly?

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With every new release, find on this page more details about Firstly’s latest features, performance enhancements, and bugs squashed.

Sep 8 – Subtasks Supercharged 🚀 (New Features)

Subtasks Supercharged inside the Firstly app. © focusCove 2022

The Subtask feature is a crucial part of the Firstly app. Using Subtasks keeps your Tasks decluttered and helps organize your to-dos. In this new version of the Firstly™ app, we gave the Subtask feature its biggest enhancement to date. We added new actions that will make Firstly even more efficient and boost your productivity further than ever before. Plus, we added the Select feature so that you could apply these new actions to multiple Subtasks at once.

Now the Subtask feature includes three different menus packed with convenient actions.

I. The Subtask context menu includes actions targeted to a single Subtask, including:

  • Select – Mark the targeted Subtask as selected and puts the entire Subtask table in Selection Mode.
  • Edit – Allows the user to edit the targeted Subtask title.
  • Complete – Mark the targeted Subtask as completed
  • Copy – Copy the targeted Subtask’s title to the device pasteboard
  • Duplicate – This action adds a carbon copy of the targeted Subtask right below its original.
  • Create Task – Automatically creates a distinct Task with the same title as the targeted Subtask and adds it to the same Project as the Task that owns the targeted Subtask.
  • Delete – Permanently removes the targeted Subtask from the table.

To display this menu, press and hold the targeted Subtask.

II. The regular action menu holds the list of actions targeted to all Subtasks, including:

  • Complete all – Mark all Subtasks as completed
  • Undo complete for all – Undo the completion of all Subtasks
  • Delete all completed – Delete only the Subtasks marked as completed.
  • Delete all – Clear the list of Subtasks by deleting them.

To display this menu, tap on the  (More button) in the top-right corner of the Subtask table.

III. The Selection Mode action menu holds the list of actions targeted to the Subtasks marked as selected. Most of these actions are similar to the ones already described above, with the difference that they target only the selected Subtasks, including: 

  • Create a Task
  • Duplicate
  • Share as text
  • Copy
  • Complete
  • Undo complete
  • Delete

To place the entire Subtask table in Selection Mode, tap on the Select Button in the top-right corner of the table. Then select one or multiple Subtasks, then tap on the  (More button) to display the menu.


  • We added new fresh quotes for your Daily Wisdom greeting.
  • Now when triggering actions that are not visible on screen, a message appears to inform you that the action happened.
  • We squashed a few minor bugs and fine-tuned many aspects of Firstly to bring you the best experience.

Aug 19 – Actions for Multiple Tasks (New Features)

Select multiple tasks in Firstly by focusCove

Enhancements to Firstly never stop. We’ve added a few small yet powerful new features to enhance your productivity. Now you can select multiple Tasks from any Project or List and apply different actions to them all at once, including:

  • Archiving or Deleting – When selecting Tasks, you can archive all of them at once. For List items, deleting them at once is the option.
  • Duplicate – This action creates duplicate of the selected Tasks.

The completion status of selected Tasks does not get copied over by duplicates.

  • Share as text –  This action allows you to share the selected Tasks’ names as a simple list in text format via Messages, Mail, etc. 
  • Move – All selected Tasks will move to the chosen Project. 

Proceed with caution: Moving a Task from a Project to a List will result in losing its data (including its priority, note, scheduling information, and subtasks). The loss of data is unrecoverable.

  • Complete – Mark all selected Tasks or List items as completed.
  • Undo Complete – This will undo the completion status of all selected and completed Tasks or List items.


We also added two new hidden features:

  1. Inside any Project or List, a long press on the add button (the + icon on the bottom-right) will display the Search page.
  2. When searching for a Task or List item, if the search is unsuccessful, pressing the Search button on the keyboard will trigger the option for adding whatever your search was as a new Task or List item.

There is nothing to report besides a few fine tuning on the backend to enhance your experience.

Jul 28 – Quick Actions (New features)

Firstly app By focusCove

We understand that the faster you plan your priorities, the more time you have to complete them, so we enhanced the process of adding new tasks. You can now add an assigned Project and scheduled date to a task as you create it. 

  • When typing your next priority, you will notice two new buttons besides QuickScheduling (), one for selecting a Project for the task () and the other for scheduling it ().

We believe that this new feature, added to the super-fast QuickScheduling (), will boost your planning and save you more time to complete your priorities.


  • After importing a Project shared using the new Share a Copy feature, you can now choose to open it right away.
  • We’ve added more colors and more quotes to the Daily Wisdom page. Remember that now you can easily share the Daily Wisdom within your social circles.
  • We fixed the bug that was occasionally not letting Firstly properly read a shared Project file.

Jul 14 – Share with others (New features)

Share a copy with the Firstly app - focusCove

One of the most anticipated features is finally here: Sharing with others.


To make this feature possible, we are introducing the Firstly document type, a new file type with the extension .firstly. Thanks to the Firstly document file:

  • You can share a copy of any Project or List with other Firstly users via Messages, AirDrop, Mail, etc.
  • You can save any Project or List as a file and deal with it as you see fit, like saving it outside of the app, etc.

To share a Project/List:

  • Open the Project/List you want to share > Tap on  for More options > Select Share a copy > Then save or share the copy however and with whoever you want.

Any device with the Firstly app installed can preview a Firstly document from other apps like Messages, Mail, Files, etc. However, to modify, save or see all the details of the Project or List included within the document, you must open it using the Firstly app.


To open a Firstly document file with the Firstly app:

  • Use the iPhone Share ( ) feature to open the file using the Firstly app.
  • From inside Firstly, import the Project or List found on the file.
  • The newly imported Project or List will be added to your Projects/Lists tab.


An existing Project/List with the same name as the Project/List imported from a Firstly document file will merge.

Share the Daily Wisdom Quote

Share Daily Wisdom with others using the Firstly app (by focusCove)


Now you can seamlessly share the Daily Wisdom quote, however, and with whoever you want. Simply use the convenient Share   button on the page displaying the Daily Wisdom quote.

Firstly will handle most of the work in the background to ensure you only share the portion of the screen containing the wisdom, beautifully cropped into a square.



  • We cleaned up the Settings page by moving the ‘Onboarding slides’ and the ‘Send Feedback’ options to the Help page of the app.
  • We added new fresh quotes for the Daily Wisdom. 🧐📚

There is nothing to report besides a few fine tuning on the backend to enhance your experience.

Jun 1 – Import Reminders (Major Update)

FocusCove - Firstly app

Got some tasks lingering in your Reminders app? Well, you can now import your Reminders Lists as Projects with just one tap. Let Firstly help you determine the true priority of your reminders and get them done. For new Firstly users, this feature could be a great head-start to populating and getting started with Firstly.

To import your Reminders list(s) as Project: 

Open Firstly’s Settings > Import Reminders > Select one or multiple lists to import > Tap on the Import button in the bottom right.

After importing a Reminders list, it changes into a Project and its reminders into Tasks.

To use this feature, Firstly needs access to your Reminders. If you mistakenly deny Firstly’s access to Reminders, you can make the change inside the Settings app of your device:

Open the Settings app > Scroll to, then tap the Firstly app to manage its access > Toggle on Reminders. Then, try again to import Reminders.


To avoid duplicates:

  • At the Project level, an existing Project with the same name as the Reminders list imported will merge.
  • At the task level, Firstly will skip importing a reminder if the Project resulting from the import already holds a task with the same title.



  • You can now set specific times for the morning and end-of-day notifications from the Settings page.
  • We added a drag-down dismissal for the Search page.
  • Setting and resetting the last repeat date for routine tasks is easier than ever and more intuitive.
  • We removed the bug that was causing the Priority Report chart to occasionally disappear.

Apr 19 – Productivity Boosters (Major Update)

Firstly - Productivity Boosters


Stay on top of your tasks with Widgets. With Firstly Widgets, you can view your Today’s schedule right from the home screen or customize them to display the upcoming tasks or a specific Project/List.

These widgets have a gorgeous and clean design and work seamlessly with Firstly. 

  • You have a choice between the smallmedium, or large Widgets. 
  • You can add many Firstly widgets of the same or different sizes to your screen and customize each one differently.


After updating to the latest release, add Firstly Widgets the same way you would any other Widgets. Click here to view the steps to add any Widgets to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

To switch the content displayed inside your widget, press and hold on it to edit the widget, then select the content you wish to display.

Ask Siri

Add one or multiple tasks to Firstly without even opening the app. Siri can now add tasks to or display the content of any specific Project or List in Firstly. You can also specify the time or date of the task and Siri will schedule the task accordingly in Firstly. To ensure that Siri understands you, use one of the following structures for your command.

  • Show {Project/List name} list in Firstly
  • Remind me to {task name} in Firstly
  • Add {task name} at {time} to {Project/List name} list in Firstly


Note: Notice that all Ask Siri commands must ends with in Firstly for Siri to know the target app for the command. Also, when targeting a specific Project or List, you must use the keyword list after its name.

Visit the article Using Siri with Firstly for more structured commands, samples, and explanations on how to use Siri with Firstly properly.

Firstly + Shortcuts

Another new exciting feature is the introduction of Firstly Shortcuts. You can now fast-track your usual app activities using the power of Shortcuts. Creating Firstly shortcuts is simple and can be done with just a few taps. Each Firstly Shortcut comes with a default Voice Phrase to use as the Siri command for executing it.

To create or add new shortcuts, just go to Settings > Siri Shortcuts > Then select an action.

As of this release, you can create shortcuts for:

  • Add Task – Launch Firstly, navigate to the Today tap and prompt the keyboard so that you can add a task.
  • Show Today’s schedule – Launch Firstly, navigate to the Today tab.
  • Show Priority Report – Launch Firstly, and display the Priority Report.
  • Open Project (You will be prompt to select a Project or List) – Launch Firstly and automatically open the selected Project or List.


After selecting one of the actions above, you will have an opportunity to change the shortcut’s Voice Phrase for its execution. Otherwise, you can tap on Done to leave the default Voice Phrase linked to the shortcut.

To use your created shortcuts, you have three options: 

  • Asking Siri to execute the shortcut using its Voice Phrase like “Hey Siri, open groceries list.” Siri will then launch the app and perform the action associated with the shortcut.
  • Searching for the shortcut’s name straight from the iPhone home screen and then tap on it to launch Firstly and automatically perform the action.
  • Using the Shortcuts app. You can view, interact, change, or even delete any app shortcuts you previously added.

Typing using Natural Language

The last productivity booster feature added is the ability to automatically schedule tasks when creating them. When adding a task inside the Today tab or any Project/List, simply enter the date and time of the task and Firstly will automatically detect the time entered and schedule the task accordingly.

For instance, by typing “Lunch with Erica at noon”, Firstly will add the task “Lunch with Erica” and automatically schedules it for 12:00 PM.



  • Brand new and improved interface when scheduling a task.
  • Tightened up a couple of bolts in the back-end for a smoother and even faster experience throughout the entire app.

A Promise for future updates

We are very excited for you to boost your productivity with these new features. In future updates, we will expand the current features and add many new ones to keep Firstly the ultimate tool that helps you do more of what matters most to you.